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  • Color of Fashion Runway Show

    Color of Fashion Runway Show

Color of Fashion Runway Show 4

Color of Fashion is a nonprofit organization in its third annual season, bridging the gap between diversity and high fashion. Bon Voyage is a transportive experience with cross-border designer collaborations, designer duo debuts, and the prestigious Union Station you’d never expect to see a runway at. Enjoy getting to know the designers’ craftsmanship firsthand and gain insights into their artistic process in a never before seen fashion show. FALL is proving their biggest season yet.

We invite you to FALL Night Two: Bon Voyage.

All aboard! Pack your bags and enjoy a designer trip!

First stop AlturA, a local designer duo synchronizing masculine and feminine looks boasting structure, length, and rich tones.

Travel and experience other phenomenal designers we will be showcasing throughout the journey

Cocktail Hour: 600pm to 730pm

Doors Close: 645pm

Showtime: 730pm to 900pm