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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are at Denver Union Station and have lost an item, please approach The Crawford Hotel’s front desk for assistance. If you have left the building and have lost an item, please contact security at [email protected] or by calling 303.319.8341.

Denver Union Station gift cards are only valid at Pigtrain Coffee, The Cooper Lounge, ACME Delicatessen, Milkbox Ice Creamery, and Terminal Bar. They are not valid at any other businesses within Denver Union Station.

Denver Union Station is open 24/7 for hotel and Amtrak guests. The Great Hall is closed for cleaning Monday to Saturday from 2:00am to 5:30am, as well as Sunday from 12:00am to 5:30am.

Denver Union Station does not have a dedicated parking lot. Street and metered parking is available in downtown Denver on a first-come, first-served basis. Valet services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through The Crawford Hotel; vehicles may be dropped off at the Denver Union Station Valet Stand, located at 17th and Wynkoop St.

Click here for rules regarding photography in the building. The Downtown Denver Partnership oversees filming and commercial photography in the outdoor Plaza area.

The passenger loading zone is located on Wynkoop Street in front of Union Station.

To provide an enjoyable and safe environment, all guests must follow the Code of Conduct.

For booking of the Central Plaza, please contact Denver Union Station at [email protected]. For booking of the North or South Plaza, please contact the Downtown Denver Partnership here.

Members of the press are not required to follow the same guidelines listed in our standard commercial photography and videography permit form, but notification and clearance are required. To arrange press access for filming, please contact [email protected]

Denver Union Station offers luggage storage to the public via The Crawford Hotel front desk. The cost to store luggage is $12 per bag for 24 hours, and the maximum storage time allowed is 48 hours. A valid photo ID and credit card are required to utilize this service.