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Yappy Hour on the Plaza


MAY 25th | JUNE 29th *PRIDE* | JULY 29th | AUGUST 26th | SEPTEMBER 30th

Calling all pet parents and dog-lovers! We invite you to join us for YAPPY HOURS at Union Station. Hosted by Terminal Bar on the Terminal Bar patio, the last Saturday of each month is officially dedicated to pup-play-dates and face licks.

We have partnered with a myriad of non-profit organizations, local small businesses, and brands who are dedicated to rescuing, protecting, and enriching the lives of our beloved furry friends throughout Colorado and beyond. Yappy Hour is the perfect event to network, make new friends and socialize your dog all while supporting local small businesses in our community.

Jam out to beats by our DJ, splash around in the Wynkoop fountains, and enter into the various giveaways for a chance for you and your pup to win some pawsh prizes and swag!


Yappy Hour! 21

Drink Specials

Paw-sitive Vibes

Tito’s Vodka, Sage, Honey, Lemon, Soda Water

Puppy Love

Tito’s Vodka, Aperol, Raspberry, Sugar, Lemon, Angostura, Soda Water


Available at Pigtrain & Milkbox Ice Creamery upon request

Our Partners

Soul Dog Rescue 

We have partnered with Soul Dog, a non-profit organization proactive in animal welfare, advancing the need for spaying and neutering our pets to reduce overpopulation. Soul Dog will be bringing some adoptable dogs to each Yappy Hour, so if you’re looking to become a dog parent or give your fur-child a sibling, you can do so at each event!

Learn more at


Sustain-a-Bowl was founded based on a deep love for the care, nutrition and happiness of animals, and a desire to make environmentally friendly pet products easy to shop for. Sustain-A-Bowl has created an accessible, heart-centered community focused on providing sustainable, planet-friendly pet products without the confusion of misleading marketing labels and buzz words.

 Learn more at

Tito’s Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, has been making “Vodka for Dog People” and loving dog people themselves, for over twenty-five years. Tito’s has rescued over 120 distillery dogs and supported thousands of animal-focused nonprofits throughout the country. Between countless Yappy Hours, sponsored events, and dog-friendly work spaces, Tito’s is always ready to celebrate the bond between pups and their people.

Learn more about Tito’s efforts at

Two Pals & A Pup

Two Pals and a Pup is where you go to find quality products and services in a welcoming, neighborhood environment. Pets are family; and they strive to treat your pets with the same love and care we give our own. As a woman-owned and family-run business, Two Pals & A Pup is committed to giving back and connecting with the local community.

Learn more at


Sploot Vet Care is a “new age” Vet Clinic opening several new Denver locations this year. With Primary and Urgent Care appointments available 365 days a year, Sploot is focused on modernizing the veterinary experience, with warm, modern clinics, and tech-powered accessibility.

Learn more at

Pop-Up Partners

Winnie-Lou –| JUNE 22, JUNE 29, JULY 29

Atlas Pet – | JUNE 29

Luke & Company –  | JULY 29 & AUGUST 26





Important Information

Denver Union Station is committed to providing programs and activities in a safe manner. We hold the safety of Denver Union Station members, their guest(s) and dog(s) in high regard. Denver Union Station continually strives to reduce risk and insists that all members and their guest(s) follow the Denver Union Station Rules and instructions that are designed to protect them. Acceptance of this Waiver and Release and adherence to the Denver Union Station Rules and Code of Conduct are conditions precedent of patronizing Union Station. Persons who choose to participate must understand there are inherent risks of injury and damage associated with dog social hours.

You are solely responsible for supervising your dog(s) and determining if your dog(s) is appropriate for a social experience that may include many other dogs and people, including children. We do not allow dogs with dangerous propensities, for example, biting or aggressive dogs, whether they are aggressive to people or other dogs. Denver Union Station and Terminal Bar reserves the right to determine if a dog is aggressive.

You are solely responsible for picking up after your dog.

This Waiver and Release refers to “your dog”, “my dog” or “the owner of the dog” and these terms include you whether or not you are not the legal owner of the dog. You are the person responsible for the dog while attending a Yappy Hour at Union Station’s Terminal Bar.

Warning of Risk

The Denver Union Station Yappy Hour is intended to be used as an outlet for dogs and their owners to socialize, develop a strong bond, and have a place for guests to work and play with their dog(s) in downtown Denver. Despite all warnings, rules and precautions, certain dangers still exist. It is virtually impossible to predict all possible situations that could occur in a dog-friendly premises. Risks include: the propensity of any dog to behave in dangerous ways that may result in injury to you, another person, your dog or another dog. Other risks include, but are not limited to, the inexperience, negligence or irresponsibility of a dog owner/handler; the inability to predict a dog’s reaction to movement, sounds, objects, persons, or other animals; and actions by the dog due to fright, anger, stress, insect bites or natural reactions such as jumping, pulling, resisting and biting. Other risks include: the hazards associated with environmental and traffic conditions, acts of God, inclement weather, slips and falls, premises’ defects, equipment failure, failure in supervision, and all other circumstances inherent to dog and/or outdoor activities. Children are especially prone to injuries or death from such things as bites or attacks since they sometimes demonstrate behaviors that may seems threatening or prey-like to dogs. In this regard, it must be recognized that it is impossible for Denver Union Station to guarantee the safety of members, their guest(s) and dog(s). Each person who uses the Patio does so at his or her own risk and assumes the danger of using the Patio.

Waiver and Release of All Claims and Assumption of Risk

When attending a Yappy Hour at Union Station , you hereby assume full responsibility for any harm caused by your pet(s) while in/or upon Union Station and Terminal Bar premises and while at this event. You further agree to indemnify Denver Union Station, its owner, and staff for any loss, liability, damage, or costs they may incur due to any harm caused by your pet. You also agree to indemnify Denver Union Station, its owner, and staff for any loss, liability, damage, or cost that may incur due to presence or presence of your pet in or upon the Denver Union Station premises and while your pet is attending Yappy Hour. You agree that Denver Union Station, its owner, and staff are not responsible for any injury your pet incurs while attending Yappy Hour. You agree that Denver Union Station, its owner, and staff are not responsible for any illness transmitted to your pet or consequently to the pet’s owner(s) while attending Yappy Hour.